Past Events Remembrance Day, 11/11, 1918-2018

The afternoon started off with a reading, thanks to Grahame Coombes for some thought provoking words.
An afternoon tea was to follow with a selection of sandwiches, sausage rolls, quiche and many,many cakes which had been kindly donated.
The tea flowed….and the bar was busy too!
A good old fashioned sing song with some of the war time favourites was led by Julie. To commemorate those fallen during ‘The Great War’ we, together with over 1300 sites around the country, had arranged lighting of the (newly restored) beacon.Beacons, or fire beacons, were fires which were lit to give warning to local people of the approach of an enemy. They were sited on high hills, usually as part of a defensive signal system, or chain, stretching back from the coast to inland areas.
The signal was given by smoke during the day and light by night. Upon seeing the signal, people from the countryside roundabout would gather together and march to defend whichever coastal landing place was threatened. Devon’s long coastline made it vulnerable to attack, and 89 beacon sites are believed to have existed here, dating from the Roman period through to the Napoleonic wars.
They came into their own during the time of the Spanish Armada, when a Spanish fleet of 130 ships that had sailed from A Coruña in late May 1588 under the command of the Duke of Medina Sidonia with the express purpose of invading England was sighted off the Lizard on 19 July 1588.
This news was conveyed to London by a system of beacons that had been constructed all the way along the south coast and inland and it reputedly took 16 mins for the news of the Armada’s approach to pass from Plymouth to London.
We didn’t have anyone in the village who was alive during the war years but we invited Phyllis Packard (almost 100 years old) to light the beacon. Unfortunately Phyllis couldn’t make it to the hall, so she lit a candle which was bought up and the beacon lit from that.
On the night, in the distance, we could see five other beacons (all lit at 7.00pm). At 7.05pm the church bells rang.
I am pleased to be able to let you know that £115 has now been donated to the Royal British Legion.