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Want to join the Beaford Hall committee ?

This year the Beaford Village hall committee are taking on even more events.
Very soon we hope to complete the purchase of the field which joins the hall.

With this in mind we are looking for additional committee members to join us and share the load a little.
If the formal bit sounds a bit daunting, you can join the ‘Friends of Beaford Village Hall’. The ‘Friends’ help out when needed, we have a committee member (Michele) who will match up events with helpers.

Please remember, ALL of the committee members are volunteers and we are doing this for our community.

Thank you

Beaford Village Hall Committee
If you’re interested or want any further details, use the ‘Contact form here’

Autumn Show Update

The Autumn Show this year will be 7th/8th of September.

7th September – Autumn Show day.
8th September – Dog Show day.
Check here for updates….
Beaford dog show

Seniors Lunch

February 27th at 12.30 is the Seniors lunch at The Globe Inn.
Places MUST be booked with either Anita 603553 or Sam 603920.
The cost has kindly been donated by the Autumn Show Committee, available to Senior Beaford residents only.

Beaford Motorcycle Show

Well done to Ryan Yeo and his band of merry men (and women) for the great donation to the Devon air ambulance from the 2018 Beaford Motorcycle show ,held at the village hall.

Just in case you didn’t know, the landing (and night landing) site for the air ambulance is up and running at the Village hall.

A3124, Beaford – Torrington

UPDATED 14/1/2019

There will be resurfacing of the road on the A3124 between Beaford and Torrington.
January, Mon 21st – Wed 23rd & Mon 28th Wooleigh Bridge – Wooleigh X

January, Thurs 24th & Mon 28th From Upcott Lane – Beaford Village

January, Fri 29th & Mon 28th Torches Corner to Dolton Beacon

Traffic lights during the day and NIGHT TIME CLOSURE between 7pm – 6am.
Beaford road works

Beaford Motorcycle Show 2019

Beaford Motorcycle show is back for 2019 on 22nd June
Ryan has done a fantastic job of making this a show that bikers love coming to. Each year, the show has got bigger and better.
Watch out for further details, here and on the Beaford Village Hall Facebook site.
Have a look at some of the bikes from previous years……Click here.
Beaford Motorcycle Show

Beafords 6th Annual Autumn Show

Keep 7th September Free

The date for the Autumn show has been set. So, keep it free and start preparing.
Last years show was great, wait until you see what is planned for this year.
More details to follow.
Have a look at last years here.

Roadworks, Green Lane, Beaford

February 18th to 22nd, SCHOOL HALF TERM
Green road (outside Beaford Primary school) will be closed at the junction with the A3124 during the half term week to repair drainage issues.
Beaford Roadworks

A3124 roadworks complete

At last, on Friday 16th November the road should be open again.

A3124 Roadworks Complete

Improvement work on the A3124 between Beaford and Great Torrington is set to be completed two weeks ahead of schedule.
A new 25 metre retaining wall has been constructed along the road over the past eight weeks. The structure has been built to support the road while also reinforcing the bank and acting as a protective barrier to prevent vehicles leaving the road.

The road is due to be fully re-opened this Friday (16 November).

A3124 Roadworks update

Please see below update from Devon County Council regarding the road works on A3124. “I’m sure all of you will be glad to hear that we are nearing the end of the works on the A3124. We have now completed all of the concrete and foundations work and have now started to construct the masonry wall/parapet and backfill. Once the wall and backfilling are complete we can then start the kerbing and resurfacing which will signify the project nearly being complete. We are currently happy with the progress that the contractor is making on site. We have made the decision to leave the road shut fully until 16th-19th November at which time we will switch to traffic lights if the works are not finished to finish off the remainder of the works. Although traffic lights may be deployed, we may need to shut the road for 1-2 days to finish off surfacing and clean through the site, but it all depends on the contractors progress over the next few weeks. Please note that if there are any delays due to bad weather or other affecting circumstances this date of 19th November may change.

A3124 Roadworks near Rosemoor

Please see update below from Devon County Council regarding the progression of the roadworks on the A3124 near RHS Rosemoor:- “We are progressing well on site with the first phase fully complete and with the second phase hopefully to be finished by the end of next week. Once the contractor has finished all of the concreting, the next stage is to backfill and then to start the construction of the masonry parapet. We are currently happy with the progress that the contractor is making on site, and are on schedule to reach our estimated finish of 30th November. As the concreting is nearing an end we are starting to think more about the possibility of moving to traffic lights. Once the concreting has finished (hopefully end of next week), we will look in to the traffic light option in depth and determine whether it is safe enough to work within and deploy”.
Rosemoor Roadworks

Planned A3124 roadworks

What are we doing? Along the A3124 there is a section of highway (30 metres) which is showing serious signs of cracking and has deteriorated/worsened overtime. No existing edge support to the carriageway has been identified and in addition, there is no road restraint system in place to protect errant vehicles from the road edge. To repair the carriageway and provide long lasting support as mass concrete retaining wall will be constructed, which will be finished with a masonry parapet to protect vehicles from the steep bank below. Resurfacing of the highway will also be carried out. What traffic management will be used and when? The traffic management will be in the form of a full road closure which will be in place 24/7. This road closure will be in action for much of the scheme to safeguard both the contractor and members of the public. However, if possible, we may consider the use of two-way traffic lights to allow the road to be reopened earlier than anticipated.